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spitting in the face of fans.

go read. seriously. if you like cowboy bebop, if you ever wanted an ed plushie for you or someone you know, read that. and then please, please, please, don't buy that plush when it comes out.

which is REALLY WEIRD cause i found this in my friend erins journal. weird? because a few weeks ago i went through a dozen plush sites, including this one, and made a list of all the things i wanted to order for people i knew and private posted it to myself, and that plush was on the list of things i wanted to get erin. now i find out some bitch has STOLEN the pattern and sold it to a company!

ugh. blatent stealers piss me off. they didn't even try to change ed. just the dog. GARG!
apologies ahead of time, i'm about to post this to all my communities.

not about spoons, i am sorry, but i had to get this out there!
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